Jesus Christ and the New Testament

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Ted Coleman is an ELCA Lutheran pastor in Atlanta who has also served as a Baptist pastor of congregations in North Carolina and Virginia. Dr. Coleman holds a Ph.D. degree from Duke University in Biblical studies, a Master of Divinity degree from Southeastern Baptist Seminary, and a Master of Librarianship degree from Emory University. He has worked as a cataloger at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, Georgia, and as a high school and college teacher of religion. 

Pr. Coleman has been a Lutheran pastor for twenty-five years (ordained 1989) and a Baptist pastor for ten years (ordained 1966), serving ELCA Lutheran churches in the Atlanta area since 1992. His passion is growing Christian leaders and teaching about God as God is revealed in the Christian scriptures and in Jesus Christ. As a high school religion teacher, Dr. Coleman has taught courses on Growing Faith, Religion in the Bible (Gr. 9), Paul and Urban Christianity, New Testament (Gr. 10), Old Testament, Jesus in the Gospels (Gr. 11), and the Christian Church in America, Biblical Interpretation (Gr. 12). As a university lecturer, he has taught AREL 101 Biblical history and literature, AREL 103 Religions East and West, AREL 301 Old Testament, and AREL 302 New Testament at the University of South Carolina at Aiken. As a Christian pastor, Dr. Coleman has taught many adult courses including the Discipleship Bible study curriculum, Becoming Disciples through Bible Study, Into the Word and Into the World, Remembering Who You Are, the Tree of Life, Crossways, the Divine Drama, and See through the Scriptures. 

His work of buying Christian books and videos, reading them, and organizing them into a library collection has been a lifelong task. In 2017, the 500th anniversary year of Martin Luther and his reformation of the Christian church in Europe, Dr. Coleman hopes to share his library collection with a much larger group of Christian readers and Christian leaders in the Atlanta area. This work, Jesus Christ and the New Testament : Best Book Bibliography for the Last 50+ Years, is the first of four “best book bibliography for the last 50+ years” titles that Dr. Coleman will publish this year. Other titles will be (1) Bible Reference and the Old Testament, (2) Pastoral Care and Spiritual Coaching, and (3) Christian Leadership and Church Administration. If God be willing, other titles will follow.

Pr. Coleman is married with four children and seven grandchildren.

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